Raw vs Virgin vs Beauty Supply Store (BSS) – What’s the difference?

Whether you are a new weave wearer or a weave connoisseur, this may be a question that still stumps you.

Raw Virgin hair is hair that has been obtained from a single donor, wefted with the cuticles aligned, and sold. There has been no processing done to it to achieve a curl pattern or a certain texture. Upon obtaining raw virgin hair, it is not pretty. Some may even think the hair is no good, but should you get a chance to obtain true raw hair, you’ve stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. You can see the true beauty of this hair when you first wash and condition the hair. This hair can be dyed, bleached, and treated just as your own.

Virgin hair is also hair obtained from a single donor. While the hair remains chemically untreated it has undergone a steam treatment to achieve the beautiful textures which we all love. Still, this hair can be dyed, bleached, curled, straightened you name it.

Local Beauty Supply Store hair has been treated to appear the way it does. The hair is generally a synthetic blend, even when it says human, obtained and wefted without concern of cuticle direction. Unaligned cuticles cause the dreaded “weave bubble.” The hair is also chemically treated and processed before it is sold to achieve various colors and look shiny in the packaging. Fillers are added to the hair to bulk up the weft. These fillers often contain plastic, which is why sometimes you will see random colored strands or strands of plastic in the package. It will look great for about two weeks. After that, the silicon processing done to make the cuticles appear to be aligned will wear off and the hair will begin to look worn. This hair isn’t meant to be dyed or bleached. Should you attempt to do so, your hair will not hold up.