About Us

Royal Rapunzel Hair was founded in 2019 by U.S. Air Force Veteran Asia Addison. Like many of us she was working a full- time job while trying to figure out a way to fulfill her dreams. She has always had a passion for hair, beauty, and women empowerment. She wanted to find a way to share that with the women of the world, thus came Royal Rapunzel Hair. “Your Hair is Your Crown” is more than just a slogan its about making every woman feel like the queen she is. When your hair is beautiful you feel unstoppable, uplifted and empowered, you feel like a queen. Unfortunately, we all can’t walk around with the crowned jewels on our head, but Royal Rapunzel is her to offer you the next best thing…flawless hair! So, chin up, shoulders back and strut like the queen you are. You’ve got it all and we are here to make sure your crown does not fall. Our luxury extensions are truly the best and fit for royalty. We hope you enjoy!